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A transmitter, or a keyless entry is used to send out signals to your garage door openener, so that it opens and safely closes the garage door automatically upon your arrival and departure from your premises. This feature allows effortless opening and closing of your garage door.


At Garage One Enterprises Inc of Urbana, IL, you'll get top-quality transmitters & keyless entry systems for your needs. We currently have leading brands that include Lift Master, Genie, Linear and Multi Code transmitters. However, if you prefer any other brand, we can order it for you.

Brand Name Transmitters & Keyless Entry

It's crucial to entrust your garage door installation and repair jobs to an experienced contractor like us. An amateur worker can spoil the job and break the bank. Count on our professional garage door services for all your needs. Call 217-328-0001 Cell 217-304-1031.


Our professionals carry over 20 years of garage door repair and installation experience. You can rest easy knowing that we can thoroughly fix your garage doors and install new ones without hurting your budget in the shortest possible time. Get in touch with us today!

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